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Bear Mountain Forest Products

Delivering premium quality forest products since 1988


Bear Mountain Forest Product enables people who use wood pellets to live warmer, tastier and cleaner lives.

Since its first spark in 1988, BMFP has been a pioneering force in the wood pellet fuel industry. Our superior brands of wood fuel pellets – Bear Mountain, Golden Fire and Americas Best – exceed the industry’s standards with the highest-heat rating, and the cleanest, longest-lasting burn. This is achieved by combining our unique process with using only 100% Douglas Fir.

During our unprecedented 25 year history two additional product lines have been developed. BMFP has crafted a line of 100% wood BBQ pellets in an extensive array of flavors. In addition, our 100% natural animal bedding includes shavings and pellets enhanced with odor-eliminating Zeolites that make for softer, healthier homes for your horses and other furry animal friends.

Bear Mountain Forest Products is located in the Pacific Northwest and we care about the environment in the region of the Scenic Columbia River Gorge where we call home. Our plants are conveniently positioned to produce our top-quality wood products from the clean sawdust and shavings that are left over from the area’s wood-processing mills. You can find all of our exceptional wood products at more than 350 dealers in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Nevada, Montana and other locations in the United States.

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Our Mission

 Bear Mountain Forest Products has a mission to produce premium quality forest products from clean raw materials resulting in wood pellets that burn hotter and cleaner, stall bedding materials that are softer and healthier and wood briquettes that burn longer and cleaner. We stand behind all our products and our retail dealers that sell them.

Our Brands

Bear Mountain Forest Products manufactures several brands of products including Bear Mountain, Golden Fire and America’s Best.

Our Products

We manufacture several types of products including wood fuel pellets, wood fire bricks or logs, fire starters, BBQ pellets, and animal bedding in the form of wood shavings and pellets.


Can you tell me where we can find Golden Fire wood pellets near us? The product is the best we have used in our pellet stove. Thank you.


I have burned Golden Fire for several years, at least six. We have tried a few bags of other brands off and on but always went back to Golden Fire.

Jim R.

We love your pellets and there is no comparison that we have found with any other manufacturer.

Lorri S.

I've been burning Golden Fire for 30 years, and have burned cheaper pellets when the wallet was lean... Golden fire burns Hot, True, and Clean....


I have used Golden Fire pellets in my Kozi Model 100 stove for two years. They put out more heat and leave less ash than other brands of pellets.