Our Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets are the favorite of many barbecue enthusiasts out there, including the renowned Mr. BBQ. Mr. Barbecue, Bruce Bjorkman, hosts “Cooking Outdoors with Mr. Barbecue” on FM 101 KXL and is a master in the realm of grilling with BBQ pellets. Here’s a quick bio on Mr. Barbecue courtesy of FM 101 KXL:

Bruce Bjorkman, aka Mr. Barbecue has been playing with fire for most of his adult life. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area (hey! It’s not his fault!) he’s been an Oregonian since 1970, Bruce is an award winning competition barbecuer, author of The Great Barbecue Companion (1996, The Crossing Press). A respected authority on barbecuing, grilling and smoking, Bruce has traveled around the United States and Europe promoting American barbecue. He has also written many magazine and newspaper articles about barbecuing and grilling. During the week, Bruce is the Director of Sales & Marketing for MAK GRILLS in Dallas, OR. Cooking Outdoors With Mr.Barbecue has been airing on KXL since April 8, 2001.

It’s a huge compliment when Mr. Barbecue chooses our Bear Mountain BBQ pellets as the best BBQ pellets on the market. And since Bear Mountain Forest Products is the oldest, most experienced BBQ pellet manufacturer in the United States, it’s no wonder why Mr. Barbecue has loved these pellets for more than a decade.

You can follow “Cooking Outdoors with Mr. Barbecue” Saturdays on FM 101 KXL. You can also check out past shows at http://kxl.com/shows/cooking-outdoors/. Check out the Barbecue Blog, Libation Station: Drink Recipes, and Recipe Files for great barbecue recipes, cooking and smoking tips and tricks and so much more!

Bear Mountain Hardwood BBQ Pellets… the ones Mr. BBQ uses!