Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Questions
  • Where are Bear Mountain products available?

    Bear Mountain sells it’s products through over 300+ retailers in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada and Idaho.

  • Can I buy directly from your plants?

    No, Bear Mountain does not sell direct to consumers from it’s manufacturing plants. Bear Mountain dealer’s are well educated in dealing with consumer’s needs, and Bear Mountain supports these efforts.

  • Will Bear Mountain ship product directly to my home or business?

    No, Bear Mountain does not offer direct shipments. In most cases, the cost of shipping a few bags or even a full pallet would be too expensive to be feasible.

  • Wood Pellets
  • Are Bear Mountain Pellets different than other wood pellets?

    Yes! Bear Mountain is the only wood pellet that uses hot & clean burning Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar in their pellets. Most other companies use a mix of Spruce, Pine and White Fir. These woods will not burn as hot or as clean as Bear Mountain.

  • Do Bear Mountain Pellets contain any binders or fillers?

    No! Bear Mountain pellets contain only 100% wood.

  • Where does Bear Mountain get the wood to make their pellets?

    Bear Mountain purchases clean Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar sawdust from sawmills in Oregon and Washington. These mills produce lumber products that are used around the world.

  • Many companies claim to have the “best” pellets. How can I be sure I am getting the ”best”?

    The only way to really determine the “best” is to try several brands. Instead of buying 30 bags of one brand, first try buying 10 bags of three different brands. As you burn these different brands, measure the heat coming out of your stove, the amount of ash being produced, and how clean your viewing window is. In a few weeks you will know what brand burns “best”.

  • How are Golden Fire Pellets different than other pellets?

    Golden Fire makes its pellets from 100% Douglas Fir and uses a state of the art pelleting manufacturing process at our plant in Brownsville, Oregon to achieve a lower moisture content. The combined characteristics of a 100% Douglas Fir pellet with less than 2.5% moisture content has been something other pellet manufacturers have been unable to achieve due to its requirements of additional effort, knowledge and costs. This unique combination of qualities produces a pellet that burns hot and clean with little ash remaining. This along with our consistent raw materials, experienced production workers, and premium quality machinery, Golden Fire sets the bar for “premium” pellets.

  • How long has Golden Fire been producing pellets?

    Golden Fire has been producing wood pellets at the current Brownsville location for over 25 years. This plant is considered the first pellet manufacturing plant in the USA.

  • Golden Fire pellets often appear darker than other pellets. Why?

    There are two primary reasons for this dark appearance. First, Golden Fire pellets are compressed under great pressure to give them a long burn. This pressure heats the resins in the wood, and darkens the appearance of the pellets. Secondly, Douglas Fir sawdust is much darker in color than pellet companies using other woods such as Spruce, Pine, or White Fir.

  • Wood Fire Bricks
  • How are Bear Bricks different than other ”logs”?

    There are two types of “logs” on the market today. The paper covered wax logs are designed to provide a pleasant fireplace view for about an hour with very little heat. The second type of log, or brick, is made from compressed wood materials that burn for many hours and provide comfortable home heat.

    Bear Bricks are a long burning compressed wood fuel that will produce nearly 16,000 BTU’s of heat, and are designed to heat your home. Bear Bricks are a heating fuel, not “look pretty” logs.

  • How do Bear bricks compare to cord wood?

    Bear Bricks offer many advantages to cord wood. Bear Bricks  are easy to store, easy to carry, come without dirt and spiders, and are much more efficient to burn. Well seasoned cordwood still contains nearly 25% moisture, while Bear Bricks contain less than 10%. This allows for cleaner burning without smoke, and more heat!

    One pallet of Bear Bricks is equivalent to 1 cord of firewood. When you compare Bear Bricks to the price of cordwood, you will see a significant savings.

  • What is the best way to start Bear Bricks?

    Due to the compressed nature of Bear Bricks, starting them requires a little work. Stack the bricks compactly together in the center of your wood stove or fire area. Use up to all 6 or 9 of the bricks at once. Then, start the fire using a firestarter, kindling or remaining hot coals on the side of the Bear Bricks that the air draft is coming from. As the fire grows, the Bear Bricks will catch fire and begin slowly burning from the outside in. Keeping the bricks stacked compactly allows them to burn slowly and provide an even consistent heat source for a prolonged period of time.

  • Fire Starters
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    BBQ Pellets
  • What are BBQ pellets?

    Bear Mountain BBQ pellets are 100% natural pellets, made from the best smoking woods (Hickory, Mesquite, Alder, Maple, Cherry and Apple). The smoke from these woods adds delicious natural flavors to …

  • What type of grills can you use BBQ pellets in?

    Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets can be used with ALL brands of pellet grills and smokers! This includes Traegers, Green Mountain, Camp Chef, Louisiana Grills, Memphis Grills, Yoder Smokers and of course Smokehouse Products including the NEW Smoke Chief!

  • Animal Bedding
  • How does Dry Den compare to Shavings and Straw?

    You will find Dry Den to be much easier to use in many ways. Dry Den is easier to store, easier to clean, easier to maintain, and much easier to dispose of. If that were not enough, Dry Den will also absorb more urine and bad odors. The bottom line is that you can provide a healthier stall while taking up less of your time and money.

  • Is Dry Den different than other pelletized bedding?

    Most definitely! Dry Den is the only pelletized bedding that includes odor and moisture absorbing zeolites. These zeolites offer significant advantages that no other product can match.

  • What are Zeolites, and are they really safe?

    Zeolites are naturally occurring minerals that are so safe that they are used in many food products. These zeolites have a safe and unique ability to absorb liquids and their odors. Dry Den with zeolites is safe to use around all animals, including newborns.

  • Is Dry Den only for horses?

    Not at all! Dry Den is great for all animals. Try it for birds, sheep, goats, small animals and even in cat litter boxes and dog runs.