Bear Mountain Forest Products is set to release its new website this coming month (April 2014). Stay tuned to see the new improvements to the site including a fully responsive design so that the website is easily navigable to all users on all devices… so when you’re on the road and need to find out where to buy your favorite Golden Fire pellets, you can jump on the site and find the information you need quickly even on your mobile phone. Remember to pull your car over first before searching:)

As always we are here to assist our dealers and customers in any and every way we can. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving all of you again in the future. Check out our entire line of products for all our brands including Bear Mountain, Golden Fire and America’s Best. Our products include wood fuel pellets, wood fire bricks (logs or briquettes), fire starters, BBQ pellets and animal bedding products.

Also be sure to check out our sister company, Smokehouse Products, for their all their popular smokers including the Big Chief® and Little Chief®, along with their brand new Smoke Chief that turns any grill into a smoker in seconds.