They burn hotter and cleaner, are cheaper to buy, and much easier to store and handle – so why don’t more people with open fires and wood-burning stoves use Bear Bricks to heat their home?

Bear Bricks and other briquettes are big across the United States, but still largely untried by many fire users. Those that have tried Bear Bricks say you’ll never go back to cutting cordwood and hauling piles of logs into your home.

Bear Bricks deliver around 50% more heat for each pound spent than logs. Independent tests report that room temperatures at 2 feet from the stove are over 20° hotter when burning Bear Bricks than cordwood. They also have strong environmental credentials as Bear Bricks are made from only 100% clean renewable wood. This results in particulate emissions into the air 92% lower than cordwood. And because they are a manufactured product, Bear Bricks do not contain bark or dirt, and they do not carry insects into your home like cordwood. Burning wood is generally considered a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuel because trees absorb carbon as they grow. The environmental writer Chris Goodall has done the sums and heats his home using wood pellets – similar to Bear Bricks. If you have a pellet stove, try Bear Mountain or Golden Fire wood fuel pellets for a premium experience.

At BMFP we take wood sawdust and shavings (with bark removed) and dry it down to a moisture content of less than 9%. Compared to green cordwood at 50% or more and air-dried seasoned cordwood at 20% or more, Bear Bricks are extremely dry and efficient. The we apply more than 10,000 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure, and through our engineered process, pop out Bear Bricks. They are entirely natural – the lignin molecules in the wood heat up under the pressure and bind the wood sawdust together. Bear Bricks come in two different sizes and put out a ton of heat at over 8,200 BTU’s per pound.

Local retailers are starting to see more and more customers try Bear Bricks. Once local retailer states, “We are selling more and more of them, particularly in the past year or so. Once people try them they soon stop cutting or buying cordwood. The bricks are cleaner and easier to store, and take up around half the space of a log pile. Until you have tried one you won’t believe how much heat they can deliver.”

Wood stove users also see a big different in maintenance and how often they have to clean the chimney and inside of the stove. Since the Bear Bricks have such a low moisture content at under 9%, they burn better and cause fewer chimney and flue problems because they only produce 0.5% to 1% of ash. The ash is also light and fluffy compared to other cordwood that can be bulky and sticky, clinging to everything on the inside of the stove and chimney.

So if you’re burning wood in a wood stove, in an open fireplace or even outside when you’re camping or cooking, try using Bear Bricks for a cleaner, more efficient fire that’s going to burn hotter than ever before.