If you’re one of the wise old souls that are using wood pellets to heat your home, well, you’re one step ahead of all the others if you want to save on your heating bill. Now if you can coordinate the purchase of your wood pellets during one of the many early season discounts that our dealers put on, then you’re even further down the road of saving more money on your winter heating bill. July and August are really good times for anyone with a pellet stove to think about stocking up on pellets for the upcoming winter. Find the deal and buy at this time and you’ll be saving a lot on your winter heating bill by doing so.

In August, few people are thinking about their pellet stoves as they load up the family for a beach trip, invite friends over for cookouts and spend time by the pool. Be one of the few by purchasing your pellets in the summer and put the extra cash you’ll be saving ¬†toward your favorite hobby.

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