We would like to share an article recently posted on the Forest Business Network about the New Hampshire Wood Energy Council and their recent video to introduce commercial and institutional building owners to modern wood pellet heating as an alternative to conventional fossil fuels. Here in Pacific Northwest of Oregon and Washington, as well as other western states, we are also blessed with an abundance of forests that contain excellent wood species that can be used for commercial and residential heating. The benefits outlined in this video are also indicative of the Northwest region of the United States. Take a look at this brief, informative video that covers wood pellet boiler technology, fuel supply and sustainability, costs and savings, financing and incentives, and environmental and economic benefits. As the Forest Business Network states, “the video summarizes technical assistance and support provided by the NH Wood Energy Council to help building owners decide if heating your building with local renewable wood fuels is an option for you to consider.”

Here at Bear Mountain Forest Products, we are advocates for this cost savings, renewable energy solution. If you are considering a pellet boiler system for your commercial building, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@bmfp.com.

Enjoy the video and thank you to the NH Wood Energy Council for putting this video together as well as the Forest Business Network for sharing it with others. To read the original article posted on the Forest Business Network, click here.